CrossCheck™ – from Developers for Developers



We are proud to present CrossCheck™ - the new and absolutely indispensable analysis tool.

With CrossCheck™, you will save a lot of time in developing - so you can finish your projects more quickly. Developing in FileMaker is fast, but debugging takes a great deal of time; and isn't easy because you don‘t see all the dependencies and references.

You want more information than any another analysis tool can give you?

Use the CrossCheck "logic" and we’ll give you more! Make a cross check!

CrossCheck™ is an analysis tool that will give you more information about your solution: Variables, Object Names, Tables,fields, TO’s, Value Lists, and full references of all objects.

You need more team functionality in your analysis tool?

Use CrossCheck™ and create ToDo’s for yourself or other team members. Every object - Fields, Scripts, Layouts, etc. - can have an "n" number of ToDo’s.

You need a full analysis of your solution with an incomplete DDR?

Use CrossCheck™ and the missed or wrong information in the DDR will be filled-in and all references will be found.

You want to work with analysis data in a much easier way?

Use CrossCheck™ because layouts are record-based and the menu gives you all the standard FileMaker options.

You want to customize an analysis tool for your needs?

With a CrossCheck™ “Master” license, you have full access to the data file. Create your own Scripts, Tables, Fields, Layouts,...

You want to see the differences between two releases?

With CrossCheck™ you can see the differences between two analysis and get it as separate DiffReport.

You need more?

Use CrossCheck™ and you’ll get even more!

Why a new analysis tool?

Analysis tools on the market don‘t allow us to work with the data based on our needs. Not all information relating to a solution can be shown in these products. We can't use menu commands as needed to work with the data. We can't customize software with a master access. So we decided to develop a new analysis tool which we can use in our daily work. The result is CrossCheck™.

The advantage of CrossCheck™

CrossCheck™ uses a "logic" behind the import, because not all information is included in the DDR-Report. The "logic" fills-in missing and wrong information. This "logic" helps to find unrelated fields on layout; sees all variables and object names as separate information; and can do much more. More information...